Men’s leather bags

  • The idea behind our men’s leather bags is to create practical, functional yet able to express a timeless elegance.
    The choice to range in shapes and materials, strictly first choice, is to give the opportunity to everyone to choose the right product according to their personality. The attention to detail is what sets us apart. Men’s leather bags that never go out of fashion, practical and comfortable, ideal to accompany you to work as well as in yours free time: shoulder bags, purses, business bags in soft leather with side pockets. All our models of men’s bags, from design to packaging, are rigorously 100% Made in Italy.
    Important: Men’s bags manufactured by A & A Pelletteria are all certified and leathers used are accompanied by the CITES certification (“Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of wild flora and fauna”) in compliance with international standards on the leather trade in protected animal species.