• After a long time working in sales, Anna decided to create her own company: She founded A&A with the purpose to manufacture leather bags and accessories for both men and women.

    Why the A & A brand?

    An A is for Anna, the person who created this project, while the other A is Agostina, a longtime friend who had been running for over thirty years the family business that produced leather bags and belts.

    Anna and Agostina are constantly collaborating on the creation of all new collections.

    Our project stems from the passion for the unusual and the Italian style.

    We work along with fashion designers and professionals to create exclusive products, and new Italian style.

    All steps of the manufacturing process take place in Italy, so customers can be sure they are buying “Made in Italy”.

    Our work results in a wide range of original items, and material mix is always different.

    We want to give our customers an accurate manufacture and Italian style. We want it every day.